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Does Black Seed Oil Darken Hair?

Does Black Seed Oil Darken Hair?

When looking for hair oils, it is hard to avoid black seed oil. Billed as a miracle elixir by many, this oil has many healing properties for the hair meaning you’ll be sure to want to add this to your bathroom cabinet! From preventing hair fall and stimulating growth, to conditioning your locks and scalp, this oil has your hair concerns covered.

Black seed oil does darken hair and can help prevent greying of your hair. It has become renowned in the haircare world for its ability to prevent and reverse greying locks, so get in on the action of this wonder oil now!



What are the benefits of black seed oil for hair?

The benefits of black seed oil for hair are wide ranging. They include:

  • Conditions hair
  • Limits and repairs damage
  • Prevents hair loss
  • Stimulates regrowth
  • Promotes blood circulation
  • Supports scalp health
  • Prevents and reverses grey hair



What causes grey hair?


Grey hair is part of the ageing process and, for some, it isn’t always welcome. Hair goes grey when melanin pigments produced in the hair root stop working to colour your hair. As you age the pigment cells begin to die, meaning each hair strand contains less melanin, making it transparent and giving it its silver, grey appearance.


Some believe that greying locks can be a result of stress however this is not true according to the experts. Research has shown that it is mainly genetics that play a part in the greying process, but it can also be linked to health conditions such as a vitamin B-12 deficiency, thyroid or pituitary gland issues.



How to prevent grey hair?

Grey hair can be prevented, and even reversed, in some cases. Some ways to help are:


1. Eating a balanced, nutritious diet


    Grey hair isn’t caused by food that you eat but it can be used to aid melanin production and support hair health. Walnuts are a food source that can help aid melanin production.


    2. Avoid chemical hair products


      Harsh hair products, such as shampoo and dye, often include ingredients that reduce melanin. Chemicals such as hydrogen peroxide affect melanin production causing grey hair to appear. Using all naturally hair products, will help keep it in a healthier condition.


      3. Quit smoking


        Smoking is known to contribute to premature ageing and grey hair is no exception to this. Cut the cigarettes to help maintain your non-grey tresses for longer.


        4. Use a biotin shampoo


          Biotin is commonly associated with preventing grey hair as it is known for its melanin producing qualities. It also helps with hair growth and health.  


          5. Use Black Seed Oil


            Using a product containing black seed oil, including our Black Seed Hair Oil Elixir, contains folic and linoleic acids, both of which are known to help prevent and reverse grey hair.



            How to increase melanin in hair?

            Melanin is a group of molecules that controls pigment in your hair. Natural hair colouring is dependent on how much melanin you have in your hair. Put simply, the higher amount of melanin that is present, the darker hair will be. Increasing vitamin, mineral and antioxidant intake is a great way to increase melanin production.

            Applying black seed oil to the scalp in areas where hair has turned grey, can naturally encourage colour pigment cells. In instances where hair strands have already greyed, black seed oil has proven to change this process by stimulating melanin production and turning it dark again.




            Applying black seed oil for grey hair


            Using black seed oil for grey hair is a simple process. Simply massage into the scalp and leave overnight, washing thoroughly the next morning. Black seed oil has a distinctive, peppery scent so leaving it in your hair for longer than overnight is not recommended. Consistently follow this routine, 3 times a week, for a noticeable improvement in greying hair.



            Final Thoughts

            Whilst not all instances of grey hair can be altered, for example due to medical issues, there can be no grey areas when it comes to black seed oil, it has a proven record in preventing and reversing grey hair.