• 7 Surprising Reasons you need Marula oil for your hair

    7 Surprising Reasons you need Marula oil for your hair If you want hair that is soft and bouncy and has medium porosity, you will want Marula oil in your haircare regimen. It is rarely used in hair products because it is quite an expensive oil but it is very effective and is worth it. Marula oil ... View Post
  • Marula Oil Benefits for Hair Growth

    Marula oil is taking the natural hair community by storm and natural queens are loving it. Why is this so? Keep reading further and you will definitely learn why. Marula oil is derived from the Marula fruit tree that originates from South Africa. It is rich in amino acids, fatty acids and antioxi... View Post
  • Edible Hair Care Miracle

    Haircare that's good enough to eat! Well, almost :-) View Post
  • Step Zero of Hair Care

    You might have heard of a step zero in skin care. And yes - that’s cleansing! But have you ever thought about its counterpart in hair care? If you’re tired of seeing visible hair loss or shed hair while washing your hair, keep on reading. You might have just been missing a tiny step that can sav... View Post
  • How do I maintain my hair daily?

    You may want to avoid over-manipulating your hair. You may desire thriving, thicker and fuller hair.  If you want to reduce your hair’s daily potential for breakage, there are five main ways to go about it:  Night-time protection On a nightly basis, protect your hair with a satin scarf or cap. Y... View Post
  • Build a haircare routine like you mean it

    You may want to have healthy natural hair but you don’t know where to start. You may have even cut off all your permed bits but feel that the rest is hard to manage. Your hair may need some encouragement for maintenance and growth. The natural hair terminology can sound confusing at times. There... View Post
  • Want to transition to natural hair?

    You could be gripped with a desire to grow out your natural hair. Maybe you’re dreaming of rocking twist-outs, flicking your own hair or just want healthier, fuller and thicker afro hair that grows out of your scalp. Whatever the reason, you know you’re probably going to have to do things differ... View Post
  • The Ultimate 'super-short' Wash Day

    Want to shorten your wash days? You may associate washing natural hair with long hours, tangles and mega frustration. As a mum to two girls aged seven and thirteen, each with waist length natural afro hair, I've spent a fair share of the last 7 years experimenting on how to cut down the time I s... View Post
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