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For those looking to maintain natural hair texture, using naturally derived products that nourish and protect are ideal. For any hair, it is important to use a great, cleansing shampoo to rid daily grime and build up- try our Baobab Detangler & Cleanser for a truly thorough clean. Follow up with a conditioner to maintain hair moisture levels.

Use a hair mask at least once a week, increasing the frequency dependent on the condition of your hair. Be sure to apply hair oil regularly to maintain scalp and hair health. All hair, whatever type, needs moisture to stay strong and healthy. Maintaining moisture levels by using natural hair products will keep tresses looking shiny and in tip top condition!

Your scalp naturally hydrates hair via the sebum it produces but depending on your hair type and length, this process can sometimes be disturbed. Afro and curly hair types are prone to dryness. Those with dry hair will need to use nourishing conditioners, treatment masks and hair oils to keep hair feeling moisturised and replenished. Oils that help with moisturising locks include avocado, argan, jojoba and marula.

To keep your natural curls full of bounce and shine, you’ll want to use products that focus on hydrating the hair without weighing it down. Curly hair loves natural oils, such as coconut or avocado, aloe vera, shea butter and plant extracts so look for products containing these.
Washing hair every day isn’t advised as you’ll strip hair of essential moisture but consider introducing a mask weekly to hydrate the hair cuticle without weighing curls down.

Hydration is key for managing natural black hair so ditch any chemical containing products as these will strip your tresses of essential moisture. The natural helix shape of afro hair texture makes it especially hard for moisture and sebum to travel down the shaft. Scan labels for nourishing oils such as Baobab, Avocado, Marula and Black Seed Oil as these are designed to intensely hydrate locks.
Many products aimed at afro hair also tend to contain mineral oil which clogs pores, preventing the scalp from staying hydrated. Opt for natural hair products that deliver moisture in a way that is non-aggressive to delicate, dry hair.
Daily hair washing will strip your hair of any existing moisture so avoid this and opt for a deep conditioning treatment at least once a week to retain hydration. Using an oil such as the Black Seed Hair Oil Elixir in between washes will help to maintain moisture levels.

Low porosity hair is where the cuticle is tightly packed together meaning that existing moisture gets locked in but new moisture struggles to get through and penetrate hair strands. As a result, your locks can look dry and dehydrated with frizzy ends so use light weight oils and avoid any heavy products that will weigh your hair down. Water based natural hair products are a good, lightweight choice for low porosity hair.

Heat is a great way to open hair cuticles and the easiest way to do this is to use warm shower water and inject hydration by following with a deep conditioner such as the Marula Oil Leave In Conditioner.

Plant-based ingredients and oils are an excellent choice for natural hair textures. Nurturing oils such as marula, babassu, argan, avocado and black seed are all great ingredients to look out for within hair care ingredients. These types of oil are deeply hydrating but also work to protect hair, support regrowth, and maintain a healthy scalp.