• How to avoid dry hair

  • Why is my hair not growing?

    If you’ve got curly, kinky afro hair, it could feel as though your hair is not growing. Kinky hair doesn’t show it’s length unless it’s stretched or straightened. That’s why you’ll see social media posts with naturalistas pulling our hair to show our true length. No, we’re not crazy, our hair is... View Post
  • Worried About Swimming Damaging Your Hair?

    We all know that drying feeling we get in our hair after a swim.  The chemicals in swimming pools are there to purify the water but they can be quite damaging to our hair and scalp. You may think that a swim cap is sufficient to protect your locks but if yours is anything like my daughters’, it ... View Post
  • How to grow your baby's hair

    When my second daughter was born, she had a gorgeous head of curly, ultra soft curls. I wanted to make sure her hair thrived. So here are a few things I did (after much research). My baby just turned 7 and she now has waist length hair when it's straightened. If you have a toddler and are lookin... View Post
  • How to deep condition your hair effectively

    Deep conditioning is one of the most misunderstood hair care practices. Are you doing it the right way? View Post
  • 5 surprising reasons why your hair is so dry

    If you suffer with dry hair, using more conditioner - or adding hair butters - will not solve the problem. In fact, it could make things worse - for example, increasing build up of hair products on your hair which leads to tangles. Finding out what is making your hair dry is crucial, so you can ... View Post
  • Why black women need to embrace their natural hair

    We are imagining a world where all hair stylists are trained to do afro hair. View Post
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