Why is my hair not growing?

If you’ve got curly, kinky afro hair, it could feel as though your hair is not growing. Kinky hair doesn’t show it’s length unless it’s stretched or straightened. That’s why you’ll see social media posts with naturalistas pulling our hair to show our true length. No, we’re not crazy, our hair is just super elastic (like Elasti-Girl ;-)

You may already be taking good care of your hair like (link) deep conditioning, moisturising and handling gently. Here are five tips to make sure your hair is growing.

Measurement and Photos

Set aside some time in your diary to take regular photos while measuring your hair periodically. I usually measure my hair every three months during a hair spa day. You may find it helpful to mark a ‘Growth length check’ in your diary. Take photos of every part of your hair - the front, crown, sides and back (a friend could help with this). Over the course of nine months, you’ll have a stock of photos to compare and see your progress.

Blood Circulation and Exercise

One of the key ways to hair growth is by making sure the scalp is stimulated by blood flow. A hair coach recommended massaging my scalp with follicle stimulating oils such as peppermint, grapeseed, moringa and almond oil every other day for a few weeks at a time. I found this encouraged my edges to grow back within three months. Exercising such as cardio, dance and yoga also drives blood flow through our body, sending some to the scalp. 


Green, green, green. The more variety of colours in your diet, the better for your hair growth. I would encourage nuts, lean meats, vegetable and fruit for essential nutrients that could help grow your hair. I try to avoid nutrient empty foods such as sweets so I’m not wasting my calories. Instead, fill up on kale, spinach, broccoli, eggs and fish. 

Dry breaking ends

In majority of my hair consultations, I’ve found that the real issue was not hair growth. It’s mostly that the ends are breaking off and so the hair is not retaining its length. Our ends are the oldest part of our hair so they need more oils to lubricate them so they don’t break.  This also prevents split ends and single knot strands. To keep things simple, I use the same oil mix for our scalp as well as our ends.  It also works for beards as my husband borrows the oil for his beard and has found he’s retained his growth. 


As we get older, our bodies need the support of extra multivitamins in addition to our good diet. Hair is technically dead cells and is the last thing our body sends nourishment to.  MSM (methylsulfonylmethane), biotin, herbs such as fenugreek and amino acids are extremely helpful in stimulating hair growth, repairing the protein bonds of the hair and strengthening the hair shaft.

Hope this helps.

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