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vegan hair conditioner

Edible Hair Care Miracle

Haircare that's good enough to eat! Well, almost :-)

Have you ever thought of eating your hair care product because it’s fragrant smell is just too hard to resist? What if you can create an edible hair care product that works like a miracle from the comfort of your home?

If you are tired of having overly dry and tangled hair, try this deep conditioning edible hair care miracle. It will surely make your hair smooth, bouncy, and ooh so yummy!

What you’ll need
In creating an edible hair care miracle, you will need eight key ingredients. These ingredients are easy to find and may be readily available at home!

2 Ripe Avocados
What you probably don’t know is that avocados contain high levels of vitamin B and E. These vitamins deeply penetrate the scalp, which helps in making the hair grow stronger. Vitamin E works miracles in repairing scalp damage. Having a damaged scalp is a deterrent to hair growth - that is where vitamin B comes in to rescue your hair!

1 Ripe Banana
If your hair is prone to breakage, the potassium, natural oils, and water present in bananas will make your hair stronger and healthier. Potassium helps in repairing hair damage - bringing back the hair’s elasticity. The natural oils from bananas actively moisturize the hair while the water hydrates it.

Castor oil
This ingredient is undeniably rich in vitamin E and works wonders when it comes to hair growth. It can also help if your goal is to make your hair grow longer faster!

Coconut oil
Aside from scalp nourishment and its ability in encouraging sebum build up removal from the hair follicles, coconut oil works best in boosting the hair’s capacity to grow faster and longer.

Vitamin E
This may already be in your daily regimen in keeping your skin nice and healthy. Adding some vitamin E to this blend will add a touch of antioxidants, which could prevent the scalp from being damaged or breaking down.

Honey won’t only add a sweet twist to this edible hair care miracle. Using honey will help in sealing your hair’s moisture, making your hair resistant from breakage.

Argan oil or Marula oil Leave-in Conditioner
A current hit in the hair care industry, argan oil is the key to maintaining healthy hair growth. If having split ends is one of your hair problems, argan oil will help in solving it!

2 Tablespoons Fenugreek Powder
Fenugreek or methi is high in protein content as well as nicotinic acid. These properties can remedy dry scalp, dandruff, and hair loss, which moisturises, prevents baldness and thinning of the hair.

Blending and application
Mix all the ingredients in a blender to get a smooth consistency perfect for hair application. Apply the mixture thoroughly into the hair.

Sectioning will help you in evenly coating the hair with your edible, all-natural hair care miracle. You can also roll it into bantu knots to lock the vitamins and deeply condition your hair.

Options are to leave it for an hour or cover your hair with a hair cap and leave overnight before washing. After washing, you’ll see an amazing slip brought out by the natural hair care product you made yourself! If you'd rather not make your own hair masque you can always rely on our extra softening Babassu oil deep treatment masque - which contains edible oils such as Babassu, Tucuma, Murumuru and Avocado oil!

Let us know how this simple step of using natural hair care products makes you feel!

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