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Step Zero of Hair Care

Step Zero of Hair Care

You might have heard of a step zero in skin care. And yes - that’s cleansing! But have you ever thought about its counterpart in hair care?

If you’re tired of seeing visible hair loss or shed hair while washing your hair, keep on reading. You might have just been missing a tiny step that can save your crowning glory!

Wrong belief

A lot of people think that hair care is only equal to the hair products they buy online or in the market. But what they haven’t thought of is the preventive measure they can take to veer away from the problem itself.

Hair loss? Shed hair? Say goodbye to these problems after saying hello to hair care’s step zero!

Step zero

If you are someone who goes straight into the shower to wash your hair and body, you might want to revisit your routine to take good care of your hair and get acquainted to detangling - the step zero of hair care!

In detangling, all you need is a pair of hands. A wide tooth comb will also come in handy.

How to detangle

Never start from the scalp if you want to detangle. The key is to start from the very ends of your hair strands. Remember to handle your hair gently.

If you are using a wide tooth comb, you’re doing your hair a favor because it only combs the hair lightly, safeguarding it from any hair damage or breakage. Slowly work your way up to achieve tangle-free hair.

You may also use a detangling spray if you want to put more effort into your hair care routine and if you want to achieve a soft and bouncy look.

A detangling spray is something you can make at home. Just use four parts water, one part conditioner, and a bit of oil. Mix them all together in a spray bottle, and voila! You have your detangling spray.

If you have long hair, sectioning will help you navigate through your hair better. Just grab a section, spritz it with the detangling spray, then start working your hands through the tangles. Remember to always begin from the very end then work your way up.

You may now wash your hair and see the difference of washing with detangled hair. Remember to dry your hair out with a cotton cloth or a T-shirt to avoid causing your hair to have tangles again.

Doing step zero before applying or doing anything to your hair will surely make a huge difference!

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