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7 Surprising Reasons You Need Marula Oil For Your Hair

7 Surprising Reasons You Need Marula Oil For Your Hair

If you want hair that is soft and bouncy and has medium porosity, you will want Marula oil in your haircare regimen. It is rarely used in hair products because it is quite an expensive oil but it is very effective and is worth it. Marula oil is a rare exotic oil. In South Africa, this healing oil is widely used for its medicinal benefits by women and men and has been part of century-old beauty rituals to protect the skin and hair from the harsh and dry weather conditions. So whatever season is coming up shortly, your hair will thank you.

 Move over shea butter, olive oil and coconut oil, let’s talk about Marula oil.

 1. Healing Scalp - Marula oil is pH balanced and non-comedogenic which means it will not clog your hair follicles or scalp.  It is also has high anti-microbial properties which help heal scalp issues such as inflammation, itchy scalp and dandruff. Goodbye itches and flakies.

 2. Absorbs Easily - Unlike olive oil, Marula Oil easily absorbs into the hair shaft and scalp, without leaving a greasy residue. This is because in our search for a high performance oil with small molecules, we found that the Marula oil has this in abundance.  So while it penetrates and nourishes your hair, it does not leave a greasy residue behind. We know we’re over the oily and heavy feel other oils give our hair. Our Marula oil leave-in conditioner will penetrate easily and leave behind a shine, rather than grease.

 3. Fights Frizz - Are you tired of frizz and undefined curls? Another great thing abut the Marula Oil in our leave-in conditioner is that because it is not a heavy oil and is formed of small molecules, your hair style such as twist-outs, bantu-knot outs and curl former sets should turn out bouncy, fluffy and gloriously well defined. Just remember to use a small coin size for a handful of medium length hair as a little of this miracle conditioner goes a long way.

4. Stays Stable - Did you know that oils can go off, becoming rancid and lose their effectiveness due to exposure to oxygen? So you could apply an oil but your hair will not benefit from its perceived nutrients. Marula oil is a highly stable oil which makes it an innovative choice for our formula. It has exceptional resistance to rancidity so you won’t have to worry if it has gone off on your hair.

 5. Unrefined and Pure - Did you know that most oil on the market today is refined? When we were testing oils to use for our leave-in conditioner, we were taken aback to learn how the process of refining oils means actually adding solvents to the pure oil and then deodorised. This means that the high quality of the oil is diluted and is therefore a cheap way of ‘producing’ the oil for the mass market. Some manufacturers go as far as adding synthetic fragrance which may cause irritation to sensitive scalp and skin.  Pure, unrefined or virgin Marula oil ranges from a clear and pale colour to a golden-brown colour and has a light, slightly nutty smell. We chose to have the cold-pressed and unrefined Marula oil which costs far more but retains its high quality packed with nutrients and antioxidants.

6. Nutritious for Hair - So what nutrients does pure unrefined Marula oil contain and how does it help your hair?

  1. Tocotrienols which are potent antioxidants, up to 60 times (yassss!) more potent than the popular d-alpha tocopherol form of vitamin E and encourages hair growth. It’s quite incredible. The antioxidant effects of tocotrienols reduce inflammatory damage to hair follicles and scalp, encouraging hair health.
  2. Oleic acid Our Marula oil contains 78% oleic acid which means the bulk of the oil penetrates the hair shaft. Oleic is a monounsaturated omega-9 fatty acid which boosts hair growth, prevents dry scalp and actually strengthens the cellular membranes so repairs damaged follicles. As we know, if our scalp is damaged, it doesn’t matter what we apply to the hair. Scalp health is the key to healthy hair.
  3. Linoleic acid Our Marula oil leave-in conditioner contains linoleic acid, an Omega-6 fatty acid. This reduces trans-epidermal water loss and increases the smoothness of your scalp which means it allows the natural building of the scalp’s lipid layers and is anti-inflammatory. It allows the water content in the conditioner to remain in your hair - how amazing is that. It’s not just an oil, it also a protectant within the hair shaft.

 And you know what the best thing is - we have used a high concentration of Marula Oil within our formulation for the Leave-in conditioner so you are getting more bang for your buck.

7. Anti-aging: Marula oil with its high levels of fatty acids reverses environmental and chemical damage on your hair and fights ageing due to weathering and mishandling of tools on your hair strands. You will notice your hair gains elasticity quite quickly, reducing breakage and split ends.

So there you have it. Get your hair shine, bounce and nourishment when you make Marula oil a part of your regimen. We can’t wait to hear your experience.

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