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hair looks like straw

Why Does My Hair Look Like Straw And Is Falling Out

Straw-like hair can be hard to manage. It lacks shine, looks unhealthy and is difficult to style. Which can lead you to start thinking your hair resembles straw when it’s dry. Dryness is also usually a starting point for hair breakages and loss. 

To stop your straw like hair in its tracks, we have put together this guide helping you to address the causes and how to fix them. 

First, let's talk about moisture…


Restore Moisture

If your hair feels like straw, it’s more than likely because it lacks moisture. A great place to start when it comes to solving dry locks is your haircare regime. Switch things up with different products and be sure to introduce a nourishing treatment mask. Applying an oil to hair will also swiftly improve the condition and hydration of your locks, search for key ingredients such as hair oils which are known for their ability to lock in moisture and combat the effects of dryness, black seed oil does exactly that.  

Black Seed Hair Oil Elixir

Dry Hair Causes

dry hair


To work out the best action to resolve your moisture lacking, straw-like locks, get to the root of the problem and assess what’s causing your tresses to become dry and fall out. Dryness is a common hair problem that can be caused by a variety of lifestyle, health and environmental factors from water hardness to a lack of vitamins.

Reasons for dry, straw-like hair include: 

  •       Heat Application
Use of hair dryers and styling tools, especially on a high heat setting will increase susceptibility to dryness. Turn the heat down a notch and invest in a good heat protectant spray.
  •       Chemical based hair care
Sulfates, parabens or alcohol in haircare are definitely ingredients to avoid. All are associated with hair damage and loss and could definitely be contributing to the straw-like consistency of your locks! Using a gentle cleanser like our Baobab Gentle Detangler and Cleanser will ensure your hair is rid of dirt and grime build up whilst keeping your hair safe from nasties with its naturally derived formula.
  •       Hair colouring
Having your tresses dyed regularly, especially bleached, will definitely sap your hair of any moisture. Invest in the correct care for coloured hair and plenty of treatments. Damage from these popular salon treatments along with perms or hair relaxing treatments can also lead to hair loss. 
  •       Diet
Meals and snacks lacking in vitamins and nutrients will show in your hair, leaving it less shiny and prone to breakages.
  •       Shower water
If you live in a hard water area it won’t just impact your drinking water but also what you wash with. Mineral content in hard water is higher leaving a damaging deposit on your hair
  •       Regular trims
Not keeping on top of your hairdressing appointments can mean your split ends get out of control and hair feels brittle. Renew your hair with a regular cut to keep it in tip top condition. 
  •       Harsh brushing
Brushing your locks whilst wet requires a delicate hand as hair is more fragile at this point but even when dry, brushing should be gentle and not forced to avoid breakages. Forcing the brush through tangled hair can cause stress to the root and scalp causing fall out. 
  •       Weather
Exposure to the sun and UV rays have a drying effect to the hair and wearing a hair SPF is important as well as protecting your mane with a hair wrap or hat but other elements such as the wind can also negatively impact your locks leaving them dry and straw-like. 
  •       Chlorine
If you are a regular swimmer or even just enjoy spending time in the pool on holiday, the water’s chlorine can dry your hair out. Keeping hair out of the water or using a swimming hat can help keep your hair’s natural moisture intact.

    Why does my hair feel like straw after showering?

    straw hair after shower


    Hair becomes weakened when wet leaving it prone to breakage and frizz. Incorrect treatment of wet hair can lead to a straw-like feeling once you step out of the shower. Things to consider that could be causing these results post-shower are the products you use during the washing process, incorrect brushing, the hardness of your water and how you dry and style your hair.


    Water Hardness

    Your household water could be the culprit for your moisture deprived mop. Hard water causes dry hair with the texture of straw which leaves it more prone to split ends and breakages. Installing a water softener can which will remove the minerals from your shower and leave you with softer water that leaves less mineral deposits on your hair. The end result? Soft and shiny locks with a clean bill of health!


    Chemical Haircare

    There’s a reason hair gurus are vocal about sulfates and other chemical badness found in some haircare products- they are super drying and unkind to your tresses! Rehydrate your hair naturally with a natural conditioner like this Marula Oil Leave In Conditioner to attract and lock in moisture whilst repairing the dry, straw-like texture. 


    Harsh Brushing

    Hair is at its weakest when wet,so be sure to take extra care when brushing wet hair. This can damage the hair leading to breakages, hair loss and a straw textured feeling to the hair once dry. If you like to brush through in the shower then:

    •  Make sure you’ve got some conditioner or a hair mask in your hair to provide an extra coating for the brush to glide through. 
    • Use a specially designed brush for wet hair. 
    • Avoid pulling or being forceful if you encounter a knot to ensure there’s no trauma or damage to your strands!


    Post Shower Styling

    Once out of the shower, it’s tempting to go in with a towel to dry your mane off but this can cause real damage to hair. To rid your hair of excess water after showering, squeeze the water out with a microfibre towel from root to ends and repeat until you are drip free! If you can, let your hair air dry but if you have to apply heat, then use a protectant spray or lotion. 


    How does your diet affect your straw-like hair? 

    diet straw hair


    Vitamin Intake

    Just like your body, your hair needs vitamins to be at its optimum. If your hair is dry, you could be lacking vitamins in your diet that are key to maintaining a healthy mane. The types of foods you consume is a great way to get nutrients back into your hair. 

    An important vitamin for hair growth is iron as it aids blood to carry oxygen to your cells. Increase your iron intake with sources such as red meat, spinach and quinoa. Spinach is also a great source of Vitamin A and Zinc which are some more examples of essential vitamins for hair health. 



    What you put into your body can be reflected in your hair so if you aren’t getting the correct nutrients from your diet, this can show. When your hair becomes straw like, breaks and falls out, you need to assess the food you are eating and ensure it’s balanced with a good vitamin intake. 

    Protein is highly important to your tresses, it promotes elasticity and strength therefore reducing breakages. An insufficient protein intake can result in hair loss. 



    We all know that drinking water is essential to keeping our bodies hydrated but it’s also pivotal to avoiding dry, brittle locks. Keeping track of your daily consumption will not only contribute to leading a healthier lifestyle but keep the moisture levels of your hair under control.

    How to stop hair feeling like straw: step by step

    1. Firstly, use a gentle and nourishing deep cleansing shampoo to rid your hair of drying dirt and grime. Using a product like our Baobab Hair Detangler & Cleanser is ideal for this as its natural ingredients work to cleanse the hair whilst locking in and attracting moisture. 
      Baobab hair Detangler & Cleanser
    2. Once hair has been shampooed, apply the Babassu Oil Treatment to soaking wet hair. With mild fists, squeeze product into hair from ends to roots and leave to work. For the most intense treatment, leave for 20-40 minutes.
      Babassu Oil Treatment Hair Masque
    3. Follow hair cleansing with a conditioner, preferably with natural ingredients to avoid stripping the hair. Try to avoid brushing if you can but if you feel you need to rid your hair of some in-shower tangles then use a specific brush designed for wet hair to avoid placing stress on fragile wet hair. 
    4. Once hair has been conditioned, apply an oil which has restorative properties. Castor oil and Jajoba can both do this, but we have chosen black seed oil as the oil to use for hair routine, due to all the amazing benefits it brings. Add 1-2 pumps to damp hair to lock in moisture, strengthen and restore. Style as usual. 


    Frequently Asked Questions

    Does long hair take away nutrients?

    No, this is a very common myth! Hair grows because it is alive at the root but the lengths and ends are actually dead tissue; however, the longer your locks are the weaker they become so it’s important to maintain them to ensure they stay looking healthy. Using a mask or treatment once a week such as the Babassu Oil Hair Masque will help to revive and nourish your tresses.


    Why is my hair so dry all of a sudden?

    Using products not designed for your hair can make your locks dry and brittle leaving it prone to breakages and with a straw like texture. Another cause of dry hair could be that you aren’t using enough or the right conditioner, or not including a moisturising treatment within your regime.  

    The Takeaway

    If your hair has become like straw all of a sudden, it’s likely to be a lack of moisture causing the issue, This is normally caused through some common haircare oversights. Reviewing elements such as the products you use, heat styling and your diet and nutrient intake will help you to take action, transform and repair your damaged locks.