Balance Low Porosity or High Porosity Hair

Are your hair strands thin with a lot of frizz? Or does your hair not absorb products when you use them? Give your hair and scalp all the nutrients it needs to be healthy and strong.

Grow Luscious Edges

33 potent oils with very tiny fatty acids that your hair and scalp absorb very quickly to fill-out your edges in no time.

Repair Fragile Hair

The exquisite blend of African herbs and oils penetrate to repair damaged hair and heal the dormant hair follicles on your temples and scalp.

Fill-Out Bald Sections

The powerful elixir serum brings blood to those stubborn areas slow to grow. They also help strengthen your hair follicles to nourish the ends and prevent breakages.

Protects Dyed Hair

Do you dye your hair in different colors? Does it feel like it dries your hair out? Protect your hair from damage and breakage due to the coat of the dye.

Daughter's Delight

Does your daughter's hair knot and frizz easily? Watch as our powerful ingredients transform her hair. More bonding time. No more tears or screaming.

Keep Your Hair Moisturized & Easy To Manage With The Afro Hair Care Set

Would you love to say goodbye to breakage, tangles, dry hair, and irritating scalp? Do you want to bring your hair and scalp back to life with premium plant-based ingredients? Then you are in for a treat!

This package contains a deep Masque, Leave-in Conditioner and Black Seed Elixir to help you reach your hair goals!

Your free gift is subject to stock levels. (You could receive a 15ml Marula-Oil or 15ml Babbasu Masque with your order)

Marula Oil Leave-In Conditioner

There is a reason why this is one of our most popular products. It's full of natural high-performing goodness to keep your hair soft and bouncy. You can also use it on its own without extra oils or butter. Say goodbye to the hassle of the "LOC" or "LCO" method of conditioning. The Marula oil leave-in is a 3-in-1 as it works as a leave-in, an oil, and a cream, saving you time and money.

Babassu Deep Treatment Masque

This all-natural formula is so amazing that VOGUE nominated it at the beauty awards. This Masque is jam-packed with excellent Brazilian butter, Tucuma, and Murumuru seed butter. It also has other revitalizing Castor and Andiroba oils to nourish your hair and scalp. It's so rich you only need to apply it once or twice a month.

Black Seed Hair Elixir

This is your little secret for fast hair growth. Stop split ends, check. Stop itchy scalp, check. Help accelerate growth, check check check. This bottle with potent ingredients from the Caribbean, India, and the Amazonian rainforest gives you longer, thicker, and healthier hair in less time.

Steps To Unlock Full-Blown Natural Hair 

Step 1 - Detangle

Detangle first with a spray bottle of water to open your hair cuticles. Use filtered water not TAP water, as it dries your hair!

Step 2 - Cleanse

Apply any sulfate-free cleanser of your choice from your ends down to your scalp. Then wash.

Step 3 - Deep Treat

Apply the Babassu Deep Treatment Masque with your hair drenched wet after the wash. Cover your hair with a shower cap and let your hair absorb the masque for 20 - 40 minutes, or overnight if you please, and then rinse. The powerful ingredients repair your hair shaft and scalp from previous damage.

Step 5 - Boost Growth

Apply the Black Seed Elixir serum to your scalp, edges, and ends. Then massage in. When you massage on your scalp, move your skin in a circular motion, not your hair. This game-changing formula will speed up growth and retain your hair, keeping it lush, supple, and bouncy.

Step 4 - Condition

Apply the Marula Leave-in Conditioner with your hair drenched wet before you style. The conditioner contains amazing vitamins and minerals to promotes growth and strengthens your hair shaft. A little goes a long way!

Step 5 - Boost Growth

Apply the Black Seed Elixir serum to your scalp, edges, and ends. Then massage in. When you massage on your scalp, move your skin in a circular motion, not your hair. This game-changing formula will speed up growth and retain your hair, keeping it lush, supple, and bouncy.

How to Use Your Afro Hair Care Growth Set

Naturals Love These Products & So Will You, Hun!

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Which product would be better to get my hair growing?

Use the Black Seed Hair Elixir.

This versatile elixir is an intensive mix of 33 potent oils, actives, and herbs formulated to help address all hair problems and help achieve longer, stronger, and thicker hair.

Apply a few pumps to entire scalp and massage gently to help aid, stimulate growth, and add shine. Leave in and do not rinse or wash out.

Is the Baobab Moisturising Sulphate Free Cleanser a Shampoo?

The Cleanser is our answer to shampoo. It’s less harsh and still thorough.

How long does it take for me to see results with Equi Botanics products?

You should feel your hair is softer after one session of the treatment masque and after a few days of using the Marula-leave-in-conditioner.

As for growth, give it a month of consistent use and avoid heat, sleeping on cotton and try to use a satin scarf or satin pillow-case at bed-time.

Are your products only for women?

Although we created our products with ladies in mind, we also have male customers who use the products for helping to grow their hair and beard.

What do you recommend for use for hair treatment and how often?

We recommend our Babassu Deep Treatment Masquefor use once a week for 4 weeks then every two weeks thereafter. It strengthens hair from the inside, softens hair to eliminate breakage and and stimulates growth especially when you massage your scalp whilst applying it.

Are your products tested on animals?

No, animal testing is against our ethos.

Can I use the products on my baby’s hair?

Our products are safe for children and babies to use. However, they are highly concentrated and contain essential oils and so a little goes a long way. Ensure your hair is very wet on application of all three products. And avoid the eye area. This should be fine. 

How can I make my coarse 4c hair more manageable?

You may need to determine exactly the cause of the coarseness. The secret to managing coarse 4c hair is a combination of good products and the techniques that you use. We recommend following the 4 steps of detangling, cleansing, deep treating and then styling the hair to make the hair softer.

Our products are highly concentrated so provide optimum moisture for coarse hair.

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