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5 Reasons Why Equi Botanics Is On Everyone's Black Friday Wishlist 🎉

Here are the big five reasons why everyone is wishing to get their hands on Equi Botanics products this season. 

1. All of our products are created for an effortless haircare routine

You can take back your time. Meet the most convenient set of products with high performing ingredients that get to work straight away. So you don't waste hours detangling your hair on wash day.

2. They are made with clean ingredients that are good for your hair 

We only use clean ingredients, and none of the bad stuff. We believe our health is the number one factor in haircare and our products back it up.



3. The Ultimate Money Saver

Other products are watered down for profits, making you purchase more regularly. Equi Botanics Marula oil leave-in can last months and comes in at around 39p per day! And if you order over £99, you automagically get FREE shipping. And this Black Friday, we have even more savings!

4. Your scalp will thank you

Scalp health is the foundation of good hair. Every product is formulated with scalp soothing and growth-stimulating ingredients such as peppermint, lavender, chamomile, brahmi, black seed and many others.

5. With each use, your hair will get stronger and resist breakage

After thousands of orders and customer reviews, the one thing customers say is their hair is healthier and stronger with each use of our products and they experience LESS shedding and breakage. This means your hair styles will pop again and again.

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"Equi Botanics uses South African marula oil and blends it with Moroccan argan and organic jojoba oils
in this dreamy formula. It also contains slippery elm to smooth out tangles and aloe vera
to soothe and protect your scalp." - The Stylist