Customer Reviews

I look forward to washing my hair now! I'm addicted to doing my hair. It's doing what it says on the tin! My hair feels nice and soft even in this winter. My hair is here reporting as I am talking to you. The butter soaks right into the hair - there's not a greasy after-feel. Let's work on a video of all the ladies talking about our hair journey in a nice setting - might be a day might be over some weeks.


I wanted to tell you that on Sunday I made Aunty Mercy's daughters hair and used the products you sent them and it's amazing. I've never seen something like that before. Their hair felt beautiful and the kids didn't feel pain while I was making their hair ( I'm very delicate while making kids hair but this time I could feel the difference) so I wanted to compliment you for that. You truly are making the difference and I can't wait to be a part of this too.


I used the leave in after washing (did avocado pre poo) and egg protein treatment after shampoo before I put your conditioner. Then I twisted with the butter. Hair felt nice and soft... pleased with it. Well done.


Ekwy, I just used the leave in conditioner. As usual before I washed, my ends were tangled. They are half tangled even after conditioning. Then I have to use my fingers to finish untangling. But... a mighty big but....I used your leave in conditioner following your instructions and OMG ... no knots at the ends. I didn't even have to use my fingers to untangle, it just mysteriously softened and untangled before I started putting it J. Braids. No crying from the pain of tangled ends and stress free washing day. Ekwy, I'm sold and my hair is loyal! No need for packaging for me, just sell me contents. And I've not tried the mango murumuru butter yet? Soooo excited. Not kidding, this is a very good product and I will be extremely disappointed if it never makes it to the market. No pressure. Happy to help in any way I can to move this forward.


Morning, just washed my hair with your shampoo! Amazing. Love the texture the smell and it's soapy. I washed it with the Shea Moisture before so I can see the difference. I'm going to fill your survey out once I’ve done the leave in. Super excited about your product I will defintely use it:)

The next day

Morning, hope you had a nice weekend. I tried your leave in conditioner last night. OMG!! Life changing. My hair is so silky,loved the smell and texture. But most important I don't need to put the oil on my hair as it feels amazing. I can't wait for your product launch!!! You definitely have a customer in me.


I used the products on my daughter's hair and here is some feedback. I loved the smell! The leave in condition absorbs into her hair like no other leave in I've tried so far. It was amazing. I hate using butters as they tend to sit on top of her hair for a while but your butter slipped right in I just rubbed it on my hand it was amazing!!! My daughter's hair struggles to shine but tonight both products made it shine soooooo much honestly I applaud whatever oil combination you have used. I'll let you know how it reacts to my own hair tomorrow!!! It's more than worth it!!! I'll buy both products without flinching! It is really a credit to your hard work. So I found the same as my daughter both the leave in and sealant absorbed superbly. I don't take this for granted as I've had issues finding the right Leave in that doesn't leave a residue and also goes in well. Regardless of how well my hair is moisturised, when it dries it usually needs a quick spray of water and oil but I’ve not had to do that! I'm very happy with the moisture in my hair right now. I did use the sealant. Generally I don't but I feel I need added protection for winter and again it's a hit. How do I know the leave in provides added moisture for my hair type? For me it was more my curl became loser. I've got two strand twists and took one out and it's very very curly now this may be a combination of both leave in and butter but it's certainly the only thing different I used this wash day. I highly rate both products.I know everyone will sing the praises of the leave in but the sealant too!! I usually hate butters! It's the first I really love.